Forts and Defence
 Lines in Scandinavia

The Author:

Denmark during
 the Cold War

 The Stevns Fort

 HAWK, Hoejerup

 HAWK,  Stevns  Fort

 NIKE,  Sigerslev

 The Cold War Museum

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  About the Author of this site.
 Sören Östergaard
 Born 1954

 Special interests:
 The forts and fortresses  of the pre-
 WW1 period.

 The first and second Danish-Prussian
 war in 1848 and 1864.


 I have allways been interested in
 In my youth, primarily WW2
 and  the German occupation of
 Denmark. Inspired of my fathers
 storys about the Danish resisteance,
 I suppose.



 In mid 1980´s I discovered the
 Danish  Defence Line around
 Copenhagen, Vestvolden
 I just couldn't let the amazing story
 go, which led to the Web Site about
 the Fortifications of Copenhagen



 Joining the Site0 community, I
 became  regional Director of the
 Scandinavian  region of Site0.