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 Prelude to the Wars

 The First  War 1848-51

 The Battles 1848-51

 The Siege of Fredericia

The Second  War 1864

 Dannevirke  Stronghold

 The Siege of Dybboel

The Attack on Fredericia

 The Attack on Dybboel

 The Attack on the Als

 The Peace

 The Consequences

 Dybboel 2010

 Als 2010


The Two Danish-Prussian Wars 1848-50 and 1864

   About the Author of this site.

 Sören Östergaard
 Born 1954
 Denmark E-mail

 Special interests:
 The forts and fortresses from the
 period prior to WWI.

 The first and second Danish-Prussian
 war in 1848 and 1864.

 Danish fortresses from the cold war.





The two Danish-Prussian wars has been a
important part of Danish history and our
self-conception for the last 150
years. At the same time it was an important
part of European history as it was the first
part of Bismarcks plan for a united German empire. 
The memory of 1864 have had significant
importance for Danish  foreigh politics
prior to and during WW I.
See about this on the Web Site about
the Fortifications of Copenhagen 1880-1920