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Fortifications in Scandinavia

 The Scandinavian countries Denmark, Finland, Norway  and Sweden are a treasury  of 
 Since the Vikings, it has been neccesary to fortify the borders an cities. Many of the old
 fortifications ha
been destroyed. But old Viking-cities like Trelleborg  and  Fyrkat in
 Denmark ha
ve later been excavated.

 From the Middle Age
s there is little left. Fire has taken its
toll, and also some were
 destroyed by war.  Specially in the sixteenth and seventeenth century,  
Sweden and
 Denmark was constantly at war with  each other, and The British Navy burned most of
Copenhagen in 180
 The unique about Scandinavia are the preWW1 fortifications.
 All Scandinavian countries were neutral, and many of the fortifications from late nine-
 teenth century were not destroyed as it happened in the rest of Europe.
In the southern
 part of Jutland, at the time part of  Germany,  the German Army  constructed the strong-
Sicherungsstellung Nord during WW1.

Copenhagen Line of Fortifications, build in 1886 to 1902,  is well preserved.
 14 kilometers of fortifications around Copenhagen, numerous forts and batteries and
 almost all the naval forts and
coastal batteries are remaining.

 Sweden has been neutral in both WW1 and WW2, but neutrality must be defended, and
 therefore there are  a number of fortifications.
The Bohus Fortress from  1308,
The Boden 
form late 19. century
 and the not very well  preserved pre WW2 Per Albin Line.

 In Norway is the old
Akershus Castle near Oslo from 1290 and  Oscarsborg from 1644,
 famous for sinking the heavy German Cruiser Blücher during the invasion of Norway
 April the 9th. 1940. Beside these, Norway has a  lot of contributions to the fortification

 Many of the Finnish fortifications were build by Sweden Russia or England during the
 Crimean War. Soumenlinna, a fortress from 1747,
Svartholma  from 1749 and some costal
 positions built by Peter the Great.
New site from Sweden:

Explore the unique and long-standing military history that surrounds one of Swedens most
 important naval ports – the world heritage city, Karlskrona. Join a guided tour or discover
 exciting and secret places on your own. There is something for everyone. Urban explorers
 and historians as well as families with children and grandparents!
 On the interactive map (Karta) you will find locations, facts and pictures of a wide variety
 of abandoned pillboxes, bunkers, forts, memorials etc. All situated either in the city on the
 islands or in the rest of the stunning archipelago. You will also find real time timetables
 and handy information on how to travel about with public transport.
 Karlskrona is located in the south-east of Sweden with approx. 90 mins flight and transfer
 from Stockholm and 3 hours by  train from Copenhagen. Link to Karlskrona


 Sites of this author.  
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The Fortifications of Copenhagen 1880-1920
(in English)

 Go to: here


Danish forts during and the Cold War
The Stevns Fort from 1953
The NIKE and HAWK areas south of Copenhagen
The Cold War Museum at the Stevns Fort
The Danish Stevns Fort 1953

The Danish Langelands Fort 1954

The Danish Bangsbo Fort 1940


The Danish-Prussian Wars 1848-50 and 1864
The Prelude to the Wars
The Battles
The Consequences

Go to the Danish-Prussian was sites


 WW1 Sicherungsstellung Nord. Defence Line North    
During WW1, Germany during 1916 to 1918 builded a heavy defence line across the Southern Jutland, DK,
known as Sicherrungstellung Nord.

Sicherungstellung Nord sites


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